If you haven't heard what Zipsets are then let me explain exactly what they are. These are special photo/video shoots for my fans and you won't ever find any of this content in the members section, but you'll have the opportunity to collect them all individually as as a downloadable video or as a zipset.

Each Zipset is a separate purchase and is not included with the regular membership to my website. You do not need to be a member of my site to purchase my Zipsets, but you'll want to if you want to see me live. Also, if you buy a zipset/video you will be given 1 day access to my member's only section!! xoxo

(P.S. Please only purchase zipsets from a PC or Mac, it is NOT mobile device friendly.)

Zipset: Nude Tub

Videos: 1 Clip

Description: Just having a good time being nude in my tub :)